Sunlight The Best Care For Blood Pressure

Scientists with their new found research have confirmed that 20 minutes of exposure in the sunlight reduces ones affinity to increasing blood pressure. Scientists of Edinburgh have already given their approved verdict on the aforementioned topics that ultra violet rays provide an excessive control of blood pressure. However this following affirmation may increase the intake of more sun rays by the volunteers.

High blood pressure has a tendency of the risk of heart attack and stroke which are frequent nowadays so proper care and measures if undertaken may reduce its intensity. Scientists have found by their introspection that Ultra violet rays in sunlight releases the nitrogen stored in their body thereby relaxing the blood vessels and reducing the effect of blood pressure.

Dr. Richard Weller, a senior lecturer in dermatology of University of Edinburgh who was also one of the propagators of this theorem wishes to continue the concept testing. He opined that if this new plan of the relative risk of heart attack gets reduced than their day long puzzle will get automatically solved and it will be confirmed that the prolonged exposure to sunlight reduces the possibility of death rate caused by increasing blood pressure.

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