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New Smart Phone At Low Cost By Nokia

To stand in the competition globally Nokia has changed its priority nowadays with the launch of new smart phones at low cost just to drive the attention of the teeming young crowds. It will be launched under the most popular low budget brand of Nokia Asha range 501. Tagged with the price of Rs. 5,350 it will be introduced globally in June that will have an upgraded features of smart phone quite advanced than the normal features phone technology.

Nokia has an aggressive marketing strategy  and has tried desperately to penetrate into the growing economical android market. Nokia have now to compete with the group of android powered brands like Samsung Rex 90 range and Galaxy Y series as well as some of the models Of Micromax, Karbon and Chinese manufacturers. Nokia as a part of their welfare activities have always benefitted from all ranges of customers catering their diversified requirements through their brand extension or brand launch. It always focuses on the needs and accessibility of the end users and therefore customizes the priority of mobile technology by reaching out to the masses all over. Whatever be its development Nokia has always been keen in delivering the best for the purpose of usages and accessibility. The trustworthiness and the values have kept its brand awareness live and vivid in the memory of the customers.


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