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Pakistani Doctor Sentenced To 33 Years Imprisonment For Helping US Find Osama Bin Laden

The Pakistani doctor who helped United States track down Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan has been sentenced to 33 years imprisonment for allegations of conspiracy against the state. The development is expected to add strains to the US and Pakistan relationship.

US foreign officials reacted quickly and has asked the Pakistani authorities to release the doctor. He was working on behalf of CIA as he was running a vaccination program for them and collected the DNA samples of Al-Qaida leader only to confirm that he was present on the compound of Abbottabad where Laden was killed by US Commandos in May 2011.

Critics in the US always used to say that Pakistan has not arrested anybody after the twin tower attack and after the announcement of this sentence, US is seriously thinking of not treating Pakistan as an ally. US Defense secretary Leon Panetta said that the doctor was very helpful and cooperative during the operation.

Pakistan has also blocked the supply lines for US and NATO troops to Afghanistan for about six months. They are protesting against the US airstrikes which killed 24 Pakistani troops on the Afghan border. Pakistan has demanded an apology from Washington on this.

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