Chamillionaire Officially Leaves Universal Records

Chamillionaire has publicly declared that he has left Universal Records officially due to differences in opinions of where the artist should be heading.The rapper has off late completed his third studio album named ‘Venom’, which at the moment the record label are refusing to release.
But Chamillionaire after six years of being a part of Universal Records has talked about the issues that were developing between him and the label.In an interview with a popular web portal, he said: “I think nowadays labels feels that rap doesn’t sell as much as pop does. So what they are doing is they are trying to turn rappers into that. ‘You infiltrated pop culture with ‘Ridin Dirty’ now do it again.'”He also told: “That’s what they wanted me to be, and if I came in with something that was more me, they wouldn’t support. But ‘Ridin Dirty’ wasn’t a pop record – it was myself.”
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