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China’s Brain Drain Is Increasing Heavily –Why?

China, the most populous country in the world and a home to a chunk of talents are suffering a concerning issue that may have adverse effects in the near future. Statistical study has revealed that the rate of people fleeing abroad has enhanced to large extent.

Moreover the burning issue lies in the fact that the Chinese are now moving both with their money and talent, a new phenomenon of wealth as well as brain drain. It goes beyond say that if such things are prolonged, it may leave China in a state where no new innovative ideas will be available to guide the nation and show new ways of prosperity.

Statistics of the China based Hurun Report reveal that around 64% rich Chinese people were either emigrating or planning to emigrate the present year. This is 4% more than the figure which was obtained last year.

The Communist backed People’s Daily expressed this sort of disastrous drain as “the world’s worst brain drain”. This kind of sorry state of matters are enough to question the government’s standpoint and many knowledgeable people are now demanding an explanation about what is it that is causing people to vacate his mainland, leaving his family and search new opportunities abroad.

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