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Obama Eyes On Women Vote For November Polls

ObamaWith Ukraine problem in a massive state of discomfort and needing immediate attention every time, US President Barack Obama made a pitch for women’s pocketbook issues. He called for strong legislation and demanded that equal pay must be delivered for equal work.

The President visited Orlando’s Valencia College after announcing additional sanctions against Russian officials from the White House’s South Lawn.

Obama is trying level best for his party so that it can fare well in the upcoming elections in November. With his health care law he has won lot of support in many parts of the country and he also organized a debate on economic issues and bringing in campaign funds.

Statistics say that women are slightly less apt to vote for Democratic in off-year elections than they are in the Presidential ones. Women average 52 percent support for Democrats but in Presidential year it drastically falls to about 48%. However men’s stats do not show such swinging percentage as it remains more or less consistent with 48% average support for democrats in both type of elections.

Thus to gain support from the female counterparts, Obama appeared via satellite on a show. He joked about how his wife and daughters are smarter than him and teased the show “The Ellen DeGeneres” for breaking his twitter record on Oscar night.

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