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Russia Consents To International Monitors In Crimea

After desired modifications in terms of the objections raised by Russia, it has finally affirmed to the idea of deploying international monitors in crisis-hit Ukraine. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe green signaled a 100 strong mission for Ukraine on Friday- a decision which was supported by 57 of its members.

Earlier Russia had demanded that besides deploying the international monitors in the southern east Russian-speaking regions, it must be deployed in the country’s western parts too as the far right groups had been asserting their authority.

Russia also had objections about one of the mission’s mandate, which involved covering Crimea too, but consented then as it was finally absorbed in to Russia.

It was United States which wanted that Crimea should be covered, however it did not have any mention in the mandate, as it had all the rights to go to the peninsula. The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly replied that the mission mandate was aimed at new political and legal reforms that do not involve Crimea and Sevastopol.

With a tug of war continuing among the nations, Saturday saw thousands of people rallying in Donetsk. Most of them belonged to the pro-Russian community and raised their voices to grant them greater autonomy from Kiev.

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