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Britain Faces Their Worst Ever Drought Since 1976

Environment agency on Monday issued a warning notice that Britain is facing its most severe water shortage since 1976. The agency also reminded British officials that 35 million people in Britain are already threatened by drought across the midlands and South west. 

Environment agency wants the British government to follow 1976 measures and warns the public that summer will bring more damage to the environment and gradually lead to heavy water restrictions. Officials want people to use water responsibly. The dry weather is threatening the environment and farmers provoking general problems such as wetlands, fires and crop production. Water restriction measures have already been declared across East and South Anglia and in London. Agency predicts that the current measures will directly or indirectly affect the life of 20 million people.

Officials are urging public support to tackle the water issue. They want people to share the responsibility to save drinking water. Officials want people to help in this process by using less water. Environmental specialists predict that the survival of wild animals and plants will certainly be endangered this year. Even though officials predict some rain in April and May, it will not be enough to cover the high summer.


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