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Nun Strippers Danced At “Bunga Bunga Party Of Berlusconi

A court witness of “bunga bunga” party organized by former Italian Prime minister Berlusconi has said girls in nun costumes stripped for the party at his villa at Arcore.

Model Imane Fadil said at the court, as a witness of the former Italian PM´s trial for having sex with underage girl that she was offered 2,000 euros for the party and the PM said that there is nothing to be offended. The former Italian prime minister is also accused of misusing his cabinet power to release the under aged prostitute from the police station.

Fadil also reveled that, she met a Brazilian model with a mask of Ronaldinho and Ac Milan Jersey and Nicole minetti, currently a regional councilor in Milan who also stripped in the “bunga bunga” party. At the party she offered a bit diplomatic advice to Berlusconi when the former Libyan dictator came to visit Italy.

Mr. Berlusconi was not present in the court, but he is expected to give testimony later in this case. However, the former PM rejects all the accusations that are charged against him. His lawyer also denied the argument that payments were issued to influence the testimony.


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