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People Make A Meal Out Of Raw Camel Livers In Sudan

There is no end to weird cuisines across the world .The latest in news with regards to this is the consumption of camel’s raw liver by some people of north Sudan. There would be many who would make the tedious journey every week to the muddy village of Tambul to get there share of the delectable breakfast comprising raw liver of the camel.

All that matters is that at the end it is worth it once they get the breakfasteven if it means hitchhiking in the wee hours of dawn. Someone like Mubarak Mohammed Ahmed would tell you how the journey is worthy for the consumption of something like camel’s liver that can provide you with immense health benefits.

One of the primary benefits of eating the liver in breakfast is that one can stay out in thesun for long hours without feeling enervated. However, this claim by Ahmed is opento debate.
The liver is best served when it is not cooked because as some of the residents ofTambul claim, cooking makes it turn hard. Mariam Bakhit prepares the dish ofliver regularly and she says that the liver should be washed just once and not more than once ever before she adds lime and chillies to it. The freshness of the camel slaughtered at dawn just adds to its supreme taste. People like Abdul Mahmoud do not mind having it even if the blood oozes out of it.

Despite being a popular food sometimes fried in the Middle East countries, the Saudi Ministry of health US Centre for Disease control and Prevention have recorded cases of plagues caused out of consumption of infected raw liver.

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