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New Zealand Earthquake Kills Many- Flights Cancelled

A major earthquake of the magnitude of 6.3 struck the busy city of Christchurch in New Zealand. Many buildings have got collapsed and vehicles got buried under the broken houses and buildings in this New Zealand earthquake 2011. The earthquake hit the city at 12.51 PM local time. Many people have expected to die, though the exact number is not yet known.

All international flights to and from New Zealand have been cancelled and rescuers are struggling hard to rescue the trapped people from inside the buildings. The same city of Christchurch got struck by a earthquake in last September but no deaths were reported at that time. That earthquake struck on a weekend before dawn. But this New Zealand earthquake struck at the midst of a busy weekday afternoon, when many people were out on the roads.

The New Zealand earthquake is reported to have destroyed the stone Christchurch Cathedral and the police are reporting that two buses full of passengers got crushed under falling buildings. The roads and the footpaths got cracked and split and screaming of helpless residents rent the air.

There are no electric and telephone connection and the underground pipes have burst, making the streets flooded with water. The cars parked on the roads are buried under the fallen buildings. Many people have got struck in the office buildings and fire fighters are struggling hard to bring those people out safely.

Since the national air traffic control center is located in Christchurch, planes are not being able to take off as that center has also got seriously damaged. Hence all flights are being diverted to Wellington or Auckland airport.

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