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Gujarat ADDL DGP Faces Arrest On Charges Of Crime In Ishrat Case

As per the reports Gujarat’s Additional DGP PP Pandey faces arrest on the breach of law during fake encounter. The Supreme Court invalidated the statement giving any security and protection issued against him by CBI court.

On dismissing the lawsuit cases filed against Pandey under article 32 of the constitution, which ensures him the legal right to directly present himself before Apex court in honor of his fundamental right, however he has been given an option to pursue State high court on his plea.

The special CBI court in Gujarat has issued an order stating his non- bail able warrant notice against him and on failing as per the prerequisite norms. He was a 1982-batch of IPS officer who was put into the limelight and public scrutiny with his alleged involvement with Le-T operatives the various informational inputs about the governmental security on account of their plan to assassin Gujarat Chief Narendra Modi.

However IPS officer desperately pleaded for not having committed such crimes and being purely innocent of these manipulations and didn’t convey any crime information to the terrorists. Therefore his destiny still is shrouded in mystery and much to be done for the proper judgement and final verdict.

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