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Federal Government Convicts John Edwards Under Bribe Charges

john edwardsJohn Edwards, the former senator of North Carolina accused on Friday by the federal government for miraculously violating the election laws by accepting a bribe of $ 1 million to cover an extramarital affair from the supporters.
As per the information and conformation given by the federal government, the Edward willbe liable for five years imprisonment and fine of Rs $250,000 on every count of accepting thebribe at the time of 2008 presidential elections.
It has been duly mentioned the indictment that Edward had accepted near the sum of about $925,000 from his benefactor for concealing the affair and protected himself in advance for the campaigning of presidential elections in 2008.
Supporting the indictment General Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney, Washington clearlystated that the government will never permit any candidate to spoil the election laws for one’sbenefits. He alleged that if any body found guilty for the same would be allegedly punishedby the government to maintain the clean and subtle integrity of the democratic elections.
He further reported that Edward has been duly charge by the government for hatching conspiracy and accepting the illegal contributions from the benefactors for making false statement against the campaign payments.
While to counteract the charges filed against Edward, his lawyer Gregory Craig and his mistress’s daughter Frances Quinn Hunter filed a petition in the court stating that he is completely innocent and denied any affair with her.

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