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21 Per Cent Americans Feel Religion Not So Important In Life

A recent NBC/WSJ journal poll has come up with a fact that only one in five Americans believe that religion does not play an important role in their lives. This is the highest percentage ever attained since 1997, when this poll started asking the participants about their focus on faith.

Among the participating candidates, twenty one percent opined that religion or religious views are “not that important” to their lives, compared to 16 percent who said the same in 1999. In 1997 though, it was fourteen percent who believed the same.

The poll has also brought up few interesting statistics. The less religious Americans are mostly men, Northeast or West residents and are aged below 35.Another striking feature is that they all have income above $75,000.

However the best percent of the Americans believe that religion holds an eminent position in one’s life. More than half of them strongly emphasize on their faith, thirteen percent of them have opined in th new poll that religion is the most important aspect of their lives and forty one percent pious respondents viewed that religion is “very important”.

The new numbers are presumed to be due to the influence of the world’s most famous faith leader Pope Francis. The new data reflects that he is impregnating the Americans with spiritual thoughts and instilling every one’s heart with sacred feelings that adheres them to their faith and make them more committed.

Reports from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll shows that six out of ten Catholics agreed to the fact that it was none other than Pope Francis who had strengthened their religious faith, while three out of ten disagreed to the same.

Pope Francis, who has emphasized on humanity and service to the needy has indeed fared much better than his predecessor Benedict, the sixteen in public polls.

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