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US Trying To Isolate Russia In All Possible Ways

The United States clearly mentioned its displeasure on Russia over the Crimea issue and exclaimed that it was on a “dark path” to isolation. Russian troops aided with unarmed volunteers stormed Ukraine’s naval headquarters in Sevastopol and installed and raised their own flag, an incident which was much to the discomfort for USA.

The United States and Europe has been keen on imposing more pressure on the defiant President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, over this kind of a dramatic seizure and had entered in to direct confrontation with Moscow. U.S Vice President Joe Biden said that if such things continue and there is no change in the attitude of the Russian government, they will face stiff challenges both economically and politically and will remain in isolation.

It is however expected that the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will push for a peaceful solution to such sort of crisis, when he meets Putin in Moscow on Thursday.

The Russian military forces moved swiftly to curb down the chance of any type of armed resistance from Crimea. According to a captain in the navy, Oleksander Balanyuk, the Russian forces deliberately entered and stormed the compound, an incident that could have been solved easily politically. The ashamed and downcast captain said out in a gloomy tone that he has nothing to do now, but to stand at the gate.

The Ukrainian military spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov however said that the commander of the Ukrainian navy was driven away by a troop which apparently looked to be Russian Special forces.

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