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Huge Media Coverage For Prince William And Kate Middleton On Canada Day

Newly wed Prince Charles and Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Toronto to celebrate the Canada Day on July 1. The royal couple is getting huge media publicity as about 274 international journalists are coming to cover the Canada day tour of the royal couple.

Last year, Canada day was attended by Queen Elizabeth and only 18 international journalists were there to cover the Queen. Prince William and Kate Middleton will kick off their Canada tour from Ottawa and the crowd there is expected to exceed more than half a million. It seems that presence of Prince William and Kate Middleton will overtake the importance of Canada day this year.

Prince William carried his own personal flag which he made for this visit and it was unveiled by the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. The flag will be flown on any vehicle he will be riding and also on any building where he will be staying.

The royal couple will be welcomed with a new music piece which has been made exclusively for them by the Pipe Major. The piece is considered to be a saccharine nod to the first meeting of the royal couple. It will be a nice remembrance of them on July 1, the Canada Day.

The entire city of Ottawa is set to ready to welcome the royal couple. To give a nod to the fashion industry of Canada, duchess was wearing a navy blazer which has been designed by Toronto based Smythe les Vestes. The weather in the city is also very soothing and seemed to be perfectly in fit with the mood of the occasion. The royal couple will also attend the Canada Day celebrations on the Parliament Hall.

Prince William and duchess will visit the brides of Second World War and from there they will go for an overnight cruise to the Quebec city abroad the HMCS Montreal.


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