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Auto Drivers In Delhi Starts Agitation Against Kejriwal

After kissing success and drawing mass support from the people of Delhi, it’s time for Aam Admi Party to face some accusations. It was the auto drivers who accused the supremo of the party Arvind Kejriwal, of grave betrayal to them.

More than a hundred of auto drivers were lined up in the grounds of Ambedkar Bhavan, carrying posters against Kejriwal, the former 49 day chief minister of Delhi.

There were posters on the back of the autos which showed their discontentment on the AAP government doing nothing for them. They accused Arvind of cheating them as he had used them to gather votes for his party and has done nothing more than delivering false promises and speeches to them.

On the posters, it was claimed that the AAP government has failed to arrest the finance mafia, creation of auto stands, rationalization of fares, easing permits, bank loan facilities etc. They raised slogans against Kejriwal, and their leader, who was once closely associated with Kejriwal, vowed that they would not allow AAP to dupe people, instead they will unmask Arvind through such type of agitation. They have planned to paste such posters on the back of every autos for the next ten days.

JIT Mukherjii
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