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People Who Have Been Omitted From Royal Wedding Guest List

While the royal wedding of the decade showcased the likes of guest like David andVictoria Beckham one is compelled to wonder how the US President Barrack Obamaand his wife Michelle Obama have been left out of the royal wedding guest list.Musings and controversies over the omissions being deliberate for one reason or theother continue even after the royal wedding ceremony comes to an end. While Obamatops the list, one cannot miss out the former Prime Ministers of Britain, Tony Blairand Gordon Brown who were omitted from the royal wedding guest list too for someunknown reason.
In case of Obama the reason might have been the demand for more security if Obamawas invited which would had caused a hole even in the regal pocket. However in caseof the former Prime Ministers, the whole ceremony not being an official occasionof the State justifies no necessary protocol to invite them until they are personallyfavoured. Moreover, a spokesperson of Prince William has also stated the reason ofthe Prime Ministers not belonging to the Order of the Garter in order to make it up tothe royal ceremony. This reason however can be taken with a pinch of salt if peopleknow that in Prince Charles wedding the royal wedding guest list comprised offive Prime Ministers who were not a part of this Order. The other people who wereunexpectedly omitted comprised Diana’s close confidantes and one might actuallyquestion how Guy Ritchie or a simple lounge barman from Kate’s birthplace made itto the ceremony.

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