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Google Launches Referral Programs, Eyes For Enhanced Customer Base

Eyeing for increasing customer growth and vying for better response, Google has decided to pay $15 per referral for up to 100 referrals per person, to existing Apps users who will draw more paying customers for the service.

Google is encouraging the existing Google Apps paying customers to promote the same to their closed ones and in return they have adopted the policy of paying $15 per-referral cash bonus if the users are successful in signing up the new ones.

Marketing Team member Prajesh Parekh said that Google Apps have gained wide popularity. Moreover sharing with friends and using such awe inspirational apps are always wonderful. Many people have learnt the use of tools like Hangouts, Drive and Gmail, which has proved to be successful for business or other social events. To boost up the speeding momentum and give it an extra wind to sail strikingly, Google has launched the referral program.

He added that the referral program endeavors to make an ease of access to everyone, as it is very easy to share in one’s network and also it is simple to let them know how to use the tools.

Right now the program is open to Google Apps usersin United States and Canada and would eventually be expanded in other parts of the globe in the near future. Sources from the company reveal that right now it boasts of 5million Google Apps users all around the globe.

For availing the referral program, on must visit a sign in page and fill up the form duly. Once signed in, one accepts the policies and terms of the company. It is mandatory that enrollees provide a valid taxpayer and ID number and a bank account number to receive direct deposits from the company, for their referrals. Also the newly signed in users must continue with their subscriptions for at least 120 days, as is the rule set aside.

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