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Blackberry Unveils a Host Of Security Products

blackberry security product

On Thursday Blackberry Ltd. unveiled a variety of security products, which claims to provide safety for almost everything, starting from Hollywood scripts to normal medical devices! The company at present is focusing more on its software entity, rather than on any other aspects. The chief executive of the company is…

LG G Stylo – Another One In The Smartphone Market

LG G Stylo, LG G Stylo features, LG G Stylo price, LG G Stylo

LG G Stylo is yet another addition in the smartphone market. The phone has a subtly arched plastic casing, which it flaunts, as the dimpled patter gives a better grip and a fell in the hand. The signature feature of the phone is however its volume control and power bottoms,…

Taylor Swift’s Original Tour Date At Minute Maid Park Shaken Off By Houston Astros

Taylor Swift concert delay, Taylor Swift concert date

It is definitely not the first time that a concert has been compelled to change its dates due to a possible playoff! There is a change in the original tour date of Taylor Swift at Minute Maid Park, following the announcement of the wild-card which leads Astro to have a…

The Earth’s ‘Cousin’ Found In The Universe

new planet discovered by NASA , kepler, another earth

Recent news from NASA has revealed that they have discovered a new planet similar to Earth which also orbits a star and also may have life in it. This new discovery of NASA was made by Jon Jenkins and his team. One of the team members of NASA said that…

Eurozone Agrees To Give Greece A Third Bailout


Greek debt crisis takes new dimensions with Eurozone leaders reaching an agreement over marathon talks in Brussels. They arrived at a conclusion finally on continuing support to Greece in such trouble waters after as long as 17 hours of uninterrupted talks. EU chairman Donald Tusk confirmed the story by saying…

What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

sleep positions

Scientists are in favor of saying that your sleeping positions can say a lot about you. Robert Phipps, a UK based body language expert analyzed the results of a survey taken by a British hotel chain on preferred sleeping positions, while another research undertaken by Dr. Chris Idzikowski of Edinburg…

A Homeless Man In USA Founds Forgotten Bank Account With Heaps Of Amount

old man

John Helinski was living in the cardboard box on the streets of Tampa, Florida for the last three years. However, at the age of 62 when he was looking for a home and work to earn his livelihood, with the help of a homeless shelter worker and a policeman, Helinski…

Homeopathy Researchers Claiming Snake Venom Can Cure HIV

HIV aids

The rapid spread of HIV virus, and controlling it has been a great challenge in the medical field for the last few decades! But with the success of new studies a ray of hope can be seen. Recent advancements in this field by the researchers of the JSPS Government Homeopathic…

Windows 10 Soon To Be Released In 190 countries, 111 Languages

windows 10

Recently Microsoft confirmed all new Windows 10 Operating System is soon to be released ‘this summer’ in 190 countries and 111 languages. In the blog post Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson announced that Windows 10 is specifically designed for multiple devices. However, Microsoft is yet to make the official…

Silly mistakes That May Harm Your Marriage


Marriage is that special bond that unites two people for the rest of their lives. But, with time often this bond becomes a burden for both the partners and they ends up getting divorced. There are several small things in a marriage, which if you notice from the beginning, can…

Sidharth’s Gift To Alia Bhat On Her Birthday

alia bhaat

Actress Alia Bhatt celebrated her 22nd birthday couple of days back with few of family members and close friends. On the eve of her birthday, her first co-star cum rumored boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra gifted an expensive camera. Alia is quite fond of photography, keeping in mind Sidharth gifted the best…

Several Health benefits Of Sex

sex benefits

Recent researches are in favor of saying that there are unending health benefits of making love. Sex leaves a positive impact on health and mind. Let’s look at the various health benefits of sex: Boosts your immune system: People who are indulged in sex almost regularly, have better immune system…

Black Money Or Not, Indians Are Holding 1195 Swiss Accounts


The controversies of India remains the same where maximum people residing belongs to a below poverty level, and we are topping the chart of Swiss bank with 1,195 names and Rs 25,420 cores under investigation. According to the laundry list released on February 9, some of the premium ex-bureaucrats, politicians…

More Women Die Out Of Lung Cancer Than Men

lung cancer

Cancer is spreading like an epidemic, mainly found in developing countries affecting men and women today in larger scale. This particular disease not only affects our immune system but it slowly kills us spreading rapidly within. Only early detection and proper medication increases the chances of survival with this disease….

Inhuman Practices of Islamic Militants On Children


Child abduction, suicide bombers, crucifixion and live burial is what children under the age of 18 are going through in Iraq. It seems the countries youth is in danger and rapidly vanishing due to Islamic state militant practices. Children in the minority zone are trained to be soldiers, bomb makers…

Careful About Sleep After Your Divorce

If you have gone through a divorce and find it difficult to sleep at night, please be careful. The researchers have said that it will lead to more blood pressure and that may lead to early death. Research done at the University of Arizona revealed that during the earlier days…

Seals Found Having Sex With Penguins In Antarctica

seals having sex with penguins, seal, penguin

Ever heard of seals mating with penguins? Well mammals and penguins seem to be moving on to this unheard behavior in the sub-Antarctics. Scientists are however not shocked by the behavior since it had been noticed among the two species in 2006 for the first time on Marion Island, a…

Miss Honduras – The Beauty Queen Murdered

Maria Jose Alvarado , Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras who was to have flown to London to participate in the Miss World pageant was found dead with her sister along the banks of a remote river in Honduras today. The two women, 19-year-old Maria Jose Alvarado and her 23-year-old sister Sofia, were killed by the sister’s boyfriend….

Vampire Like Deer Spotted In Afghanistan

vampire deer

Recent surveys by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) reported the presence of a deer with vampire-like fangs in Kabul recently. Known as the Kashmiri Musk Deer, the animal was spotted more than 60 years ago in the forest slopes of North Afghanistan by a Danish survey team in 1948. There…

Depression Is Rising More Among Women Than Men


Depression is on the rise among Asian women, according to a survey by World Health Organization (WHO). Psychologists feel that it is like common cold that comes and goes from time to time and a person will have it once in their life at least. Surprisingly, depression can be cured…