Which part of the body loses weight first?

Weight gain is one of the common issues which everyone is facing nowadays. People have fat deposited in different parts of the body. Some may have fat thighs and few with large bellies. One should follow a strict and healthy diet while performing intense and vigorous exercise to see a great change in their body parts. Which part of your body will lose weight first will always depend on the type of your genes. Though it’s hard to understand from where you will be losing your weight first it’s always the recent fat that you have gained which will be lost first.

If you are focusing on losing weight from your belly it’s not in one’s control. When you have a particular body shape like pear, you will get into shape by losing weight but your shape will not be gone. While losing weight you will just get rid of the extra fat which has been stored in the cells but the number of fat cells will never disappear. This is the reason why even after losing a lot of weight there are high chances of gaining it back if you increase the intake of your calories. The fat will start depositing in the empty cells and again you will increase your weight.

Losing weight is an internal process. The hard fat which is deposited around the inner organs of our body like kidneys, liver etc. will be lost first when you start losing weight. After this the soft fat which is located in your thighs and waistline will be lost slowly. When you lose the fat, which is present around the organs it will make you much stronger and you will look leaner when compared to before.

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