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Inhuman Practices of Islamic Militants On Children

Child abduction, suicide bombers, crucifixion and live burial is what children under the age of 18 are going through in Iraq. It seems the countries youth is in danger and rapidly vanishing due to Islamic state militant practices. Children in the minority zone are trained to be soldiers, bomb makers and are sold in the market as sex slaves with price tags. The raw fact is this innocent children’s do not even understand the part they are playing for the militants. This deeply concerning brutal murders and suffering are being practiced in open and that arise a deep concern of upcoming scope of bigger problems.

Various report and videos posted by the terrorist group Al Qaeda also known as ISIL shows that they caliphate Islam throughout the region of Syria and Iraq which lead to mass killing and thousand were  forced to leave their home. More videos related to beheading and children wounded in war or dying with dehydration, starving can be seen. Very recently ISIL posted a horrifying video of a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive. This Islamic militant group ISIL are committing heinous crimes like “systematic sexual violence “and “the abduction and sexual enslavement of children” and along with that carrying out brutal techniques of murder and torture possibly thought by human kind. The UN body now are looking into Iraq’s reports and 18 autonomous experts preparing these reports with the help of Islamic state are constantly on the run taking necessary steps and measures in rescuing these children.

JIT Mukherjii
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