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Huge Loot of Art & Gold by Nazi Germany Found in a Ghost Train in Poland

The stories of Nazi Germany still haunt people even in the year 2015. Treasure hunters have claimed that they have found a train in Poland which is loaded with jewels and gold. Naming the train as ‘ghost train’ treasure hunters believed that the treasure found in the train were looted by the Nazi soldiers from the Jewish.

As per the legend which goes by word of mouth, the said train containing the treasure of Wehrmacht lost into a mountain tunnel during the last days of Word war 2. Interestingly, two men who have found the treasure are claiming 10% of the art and gold found, as reward.

Marika Tokarska, an official of the local district council said that “Lawyers, the army, the police and the fire brigade are dealing with this.” The two treasure hunters have already appointed a law firm, who are negotiating about their claim with the local authorities.

The gold bar was discovered near the former home of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler

The train went missing in the year 1945, and the loot was done in the German city of Breslau, which is now known as Wroclaw. Local old people goes by the saying that the train full with loot art and jewelry went into a tunnel in the mountains, but it never came out after that.

The stories of war appeal to the people and it’s the pictures which attract the visitors more. World has not yet learnt from the past horrified stories and pictures of war. Even now war is going on in some parts of the world, brutally killing children and women at large. Sometimes we feel Earth needs a few more Mother Teresa.


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