How to take care of contact lens for proper vision

If you want to correct your vision then using the contact lens according to the instructions specified and taking care of them is very essential. Before you wear the contact lens it is important to make sure you are handling the lens with clean and safe hands in order to protect their sight. As the bacteria can grow in the case of a contact lens, it is always better to replace the case every month. You can buy any contact lens solution which is on sale but always choose the products that your eye doctor has suggested you.

A swimmer can wear contact lenses while they are in the pool but need to make sure that he or she is wearing the well fitted goggles so that they can keep their eyes away from any kind of small organisms that may cause eye infections. According to your doctor’s prescription one should go for the replacement schedule of the contact lens. If the contact lens is worn beyond the date prescribed by the doctor then one may develop serious complications.

Before you wear the lens it’s important to inspect the lens. They should be clean, moist, clear and free from tears or nicks. Always use the lens before the expiry date specified. The lens should be used as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. If you feel any kind of vision change, tearing, discomfort or redness, always contact your doctor. Never use the lens if the sterile blister package is broken or damaged. Never use saliva to wet and use the lens. Don’t wear contact lenses while showering as it will increase the chances of catching infections. By following all these specified instructions you can now maintain your contact lens in good quality and keep your eyes safe.


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