Yana Gupta Pantyless Pictures Has Got An Offer Of $230,000

Money seemed to be shinning on the actress Yana Gupta after her pantyless photographs appeared on the Internet all over the place. The less in demand was not on the media coverage till she appeared without her panties in a charity show in Mumbai.

As she went out of the car, a photographer clicked the lower portion of her assets and within hours it was all over the Internet as people were searching desperately for Yana Gupta pantyless.

Seeing and being impressed with her pantyless pictures, an UK men’s magazine has approached Yana Gupta for posing nude on the cover page of their magazine. The magazine owners were impressed by the way Yana Gupta handled the matter. Unlike other actresses who would have gone into hiding from shyness, what she did that she confessed that she is a pantyless girl and now she has planned to endorse some underwear brands.

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Of course we all can imagine what the nature of the advertising slogan will be – Yana Gupta finally in her underwear. Her fans, who have gone mad by seeing her lower assets can no longer seemed to wait to see their favorite actress on the front cover of that UK magazine.

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