Is There Any Link Between Sexual Personality And Infidelity?

A recently held research ended up at surprising conclusion as the probability of involving in infidelity was almost identical in both genders (23% of the men and 19% of women who took part in poll reported infidelity) but the causes of infidelity were drastically different in both the genders and even contrary to each other.

This recent survey was conducted by Robin Milhausen and Kristen Mark (University of Guelph) and Erick Janssen (Indian University) in which men and women who have been involved in monogamous sexual relationships lasting for months in some cases while several years for others. The research topic was to find out the relationship of infidelity with one’s sexual personality.

Easily aroused men and those suffering from performance anxiety are prone to indulge into infidelity and their sexual satisfaction in their married life has nothing to do with it. Opposite to it, women who are enjoying their sexual life with their partners are not likely to indulge into unfaithfulness but those who are not satisfied sexually are likely to be unfaithful.

These differences have been defined as ‘sexual personality’. This term refers to varied traits describing different aspects explaining how easy it is to get turn on or off by certain signs. Earlier many researches have been conducted on demographic predictors leading to infidelity but not enough has been done on different sexual personality.

Broadly used terms in this context are ‘sexual excitation proneness’ or sexual inhibition proneness’. The former is about how people are sensitive to different triggers and turn them on easily while the latter is about how people tend to turn off by potential risks or dangers.

There are connections though distinct at times in sexual personality of a person and likelihood of his/her involving into infidelity. Sexual trait in a person can be one of the prominent reasons to be unfaithful.


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