Actress Alleges Director, Uploads Video On YouTube

Glittering Bollywood faces negative impact as there runs a speculation of forcible sexual assault of a director to an actress. According to the reports, the actress was Geeta Tyagi and the alleged director was Subhas Kapoor. The actress, Geeta Tyagi has uploaded a 31 minute video which shows Kapoor and his wife deliberately trying to pacify a profusely sobbing Tyagi. The video also shows Tyagi slapping the director at a point of time.

Such a shameful news has created a buzz in the atmosphere of B-town and there has been a division in the society. Atul Sabharwal, a director as well as Geeta’s  friend, had complimented her for posting such a video, which according to her was for general cautiousness for those women who will come across with Kapoor professionally or socially. On the other hand ace script writer Danish Raza believes that a proper scrutiny is very necessary in such a case before running into hasty conclusions. The alleged director has directed quite a few films, “Jolly L.L.B” being one of them.

JIT Mukherjii
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