Ravens Are Smashed By Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers defeated Ravens by 13-10 in a chilly and windy M&T Bank stadium on Sunday night. The rivalry between the two teams is generally best described as bone rattling hits. Ravens were winning nine games at a stretch and this defeat after a long stretch was definitely quite painful for them.

After this game, Ravens (8-4) were one game behind the Steelers (9-3) in the AFC North and four more games are remaining in the match. Flacco was unable to do any wonders to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers this time. Flacco was able to lead the Ravens into the Steelers territory and their last attempt ended when he short hopped a pass to a wide open Ed Dickson.

An estimated 72,000 people game to see the match by braving the 35 degree temperature and tall went back seeing Pittsburgh Steelers defeating the Ravens for the second time in the history of this tournament.

Supporters are raising many questions after the game is over. Why the Ravens throw the ball on second and 5 when the team was having a four point lead with 3:22 remains. God knows why Flacco was fumbling and kept his arm cocked at his back when Polamalu was slapping the ball away.

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