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Would- be Brides in MP Had To Undergo Pregnancy Test Before Marriage

It was reported that 9 tribal women who participated in the mass wedding of Madhya Pradesh Hardu village were forced to undergo pregnancy test before this ritual and on being tested positive they were thrown away.Those were the nine out of 385 couples who participated in the mass wedding under the Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojna in the Harda village of Madhya Pradesh mostly comprised of tribal.

The participants are given the wedding gifts of Rs.13000 that includes mangalsutra, a cycle, some utensils and clothes complete wedding packages. This yojana are mainly run by the state fund in honor of the poor tribal clan but it imposes restrictions on the pregnant but unmarried.

These practices are for the bachelors and maidens so health department employee like their routine check up conducted test on the 385 participants and the final four didn’t passed the confirmation test. These four of the accused women have voluntarily confessed unlike the other 5 who were forced to undergo such test.

On the other hand Janpad Panchayat CEO B K Singh has claimed that this incident is purely based on rumor because midst such a huge participants it is quite time consuming and reportedly odd to test each and every women individually.


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