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Why Oklahoma City Bombing Happened On This Date?

Today, 19th April is the day of Oklahama city bombing as on this date in the year 1995, a federal building in Oklahoma was bombed, killing 168 people. The day is still remembered in history as it is considered as the one of the worst days in the history of terrorism besides the September 11 attack.

Due to some peculiar reasons, there have been regular attacks on the American society on a regular basis around the middle of the month of April. One can get a clear idea by having a look at the following events.

April 19, 1993 – FBI siege the Waco compound killing 76 people.

April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing, killing 168 people

April 20, 1999 –  Columbine High School shootout killing 15 people

April 16, 2007- Virginia tech massacre, killing 33 people

Some analysts like Robert Blaskiewicz, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta is  of the opinion that the day of the attack in these cases is always planned to mark the birthday of Adolf Hitler, which falls on April 20th. Now the question is why the people turn violent in the month of April?

Analysts say that McVeigh did the Oklahoma City bombing just on the anniversary date of Waco because the latter has become a symbol of government waging a war against it’s people. Even the truck he used for doing the Oklahoma City bombing had its date of issuance on April 19th, 1993. The bombing claimed 168 lives, which include 19 children who were under the age of 6. Around 680 persons got injured in the Oklahoma City bombing.

In the massive blast that rocked the city, around 324 buildings were devastated and the amount of damage was estimated at around $652 million. We all pray that the departed souls of Oklahoma City bombing rest in peace.




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