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NYC Transit System To Shut From Evening For Hurricane Sandy

After getting the news about the chances of Hurricane Sandy, to hit the eastern third of the U.S. at a speed of 80 mph, the government of New York along with ten million people of the state started preparing for the drenching of the rain as well as of the winds.

An announcement was made that the city of New York will put a suspension order on the services of the bus, the commuter rail service and even on the Subway services form Sunday Evening which is ahead of the storm. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a message for the people of New York stating not to get panicked and over prepared.

Necessary measures are only need to be taken. All the schools will be closed to protect the children from becoming victim of the Hurricane attack. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also mentioned in his message that people should evacuate the places which are having higher chances of getting affected.

If the same is not done then it will bring danger to lives as well as of the first responder coming to rescue them. The main intimation from the government end is to leave the Hurricane prone areas well before time and complete support will be there from their end to help the people suffered from this Hurricane.

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