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Long Wait Before Gujarat’s Narendra Modi Is To Be Made Final Poll Panel Chief

During party meeting in Goa it has been finally decided that BJP party leader and Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi is virtually selected as the poll chief of BJP finally.
The Bharatiya Janata Party popularly referred as BJP will herald there discussion on this event for 2014 Lok Sabha very recently. However the fresh scuffle within the party bigwigs has delayed these formal announcements before the public. It was severely due to the veterans like L K Advani and some other senior leaders that their protests have spurred this crisis.

He has however suggests that Modi is to be elected as the Convenor and not to be conferred the honor of chairman of the poll panel, and this has divided the house into two factions namely. On the other hand BJP President Rajnath Singh supported this decision and he strongly placed his opinion before others.

It was a much hyped story that Advani reportedly to have fallen sick has skipped this party meeting for the first time ever casting a deep shadow on his consent towards Narendra Modi’s election and his delegated opportunity to be the Prime Minister in the next election. However the decision is still shrouded in mystery.


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