Letter Says Jiah Khan Was Upset Over The Abortion Of Her Baby

After the media interference and scuffle for a couple of days over Jiah Khan’s unnatural death it was reportedly discovered that Jiah Khan’s final letter contained her frustration and dilemma over a baby. The six page letter were duly handed over by Jiah Khan’s family to police saying that she has deliberately blamed Sooraj Pancholi for their troublesome relationships and accused him for fathering her prospective child.

The family of Jiah Khan was not happy with the police investigation and took an active initiative in bringing out the lost world of the deceased wannabe girl who aspired to be the star of tomorrow. Their family said that she was a brave girl who was ready to fight every odd that treads in her way so they were confident that this severe incident was caused due to some grave reason. The real reasons were sniffed as there were some seriously different reasons that’s primarily not related to her work or profession.

The letter says that it must have been strained relationship with Sooraj and further on the baby whom she had aborted left her depressed. However police investigations have taken a new course with Jiah’s suicidal note which she has left before her death and for the forensic report.

JIT Mukherjii
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