Women Have Higher Risk Of Stroke Exposure

A situation in which the brain cells abruptly die due to the lack of oxygen is known as stroke. It can be initiated by an obstruction in the body-fluid flow, or the rupture of an artery that feeds the mind. The fourth leading cause of death in men and the third in women is stroke. Experts have examined those factors that will predispose women to a higher risk of stroke. Forbes surveyed that about 800,000 people in the U.S. have a stroke every year.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Stroke Association (ASA) have stated new guidelines on stroke avoidance in women. AHA journal Stroke published all the details. Their guidelines aim on the risk components exclusive to women and those that are more widespread in women than in men. The factors which are highly responsible for strokes especially for women encompassed preeclampsia, oral contraceptives, hormone replacements and menopause. Few other risk factors which are also equally responsible included obesity, atrial fibrillation, metabolic syndromes and migraines with aura.

Generally, women have certain life characteristics that are dangerous and finally results into stroke. The risk for developing a stroke rises with age, and women lives longer than men.


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