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Huge Amount Of Rs 54000 Crores Central Fund May Come For Bengal

When Mamata Banerjee is thinking about the central funds, there is a step which will help her breathe patiently from the next financial fund. As per the rough estimates, it is found that Mamata will have approximately 5400 crore of central funds which she will be utilizing for innovative schemes for a particular area.The figure of 5400 crore have been derived by the state officials through projection of central assistance in 2014-15 financial. In this year, Bengal will be entitled to get a sum of 46864 approx and when we go by the trend 10 percent of the 54000 crore fund will be at her disposal.

No special privilege has been granted in respect of Bengal. However, the finance ministry has arranged only flexi funds within the boundaries of central sponsor schemes such as Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. However, flexi fund will not apply to schemes (such as MGNREGA).

Flexi fund is not any special grant but is just a part of allocation where the states will have more freedom in choosing the project as per their choice. Mamata Banerjee has been asking huge sums of funds to match the local needs. The chief minister, Mamata may use these funds to restore projects hit due to natural calamity.

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