Wall Street Is Really Afraid Of Sarah Palin – But Why?

Many of Americans may be happy to see Sarah Palin for the Presidentil race in 2012, but the Wall Street bankers seemed to think otherwise. Of late, Palin has been very much critical of the “pump-priming addiction” of Federal Reserve which has been recently marked by huge buying of bonds by the US Central Bank.

Sarah Palin is very much negative about these supportive actions of Federal Reserve as she may feel that this artificial pumping of money into the system will not solve the problem, but raise the inflation to a new height on the other hand.

Though there are many critiques who may be supportive of Palin’s comments, but what is making the Wall Street bankers worried is the timing and the politics involved in it. Her sudden moves of making economic commentary seemed to make them think that she is prepared to run for the 2012 Presidential race. She may also use her recent hyped TV show “Sarah Palin Alaska” for making campaigns of her thoughts on various national issues.

In her book titled Rogue, she has recommended the Reagonanomics of the 1980 style which used to say – lower the taxes, lessen the government spending and making the dollar stronger. She has also criticized the ‘corporatism’ where the business and government are conspiring against small entrepreneurs and the consumers.

JIT Mukherjii
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