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Motorola Mobility Plans To Cut Down 20% Of Its Workforce

As reported by the New-York Times, Motorola Mobility has disclosed to its employees that it has certain plans of slashing 20% of its existing workforce, thereby, shutting down almost one-third of the presently running offices worldwide.

It has also been reported that one-third of the total forty-thousand jobs that will be lost will be in United States itself. The newly chaired chief executive of Motorola, Mr. Dennis Woodside, mentioned that the company is about to take the aforesaid measures owing to its plans of exiting the unprofitable markets by stopping the manufacture of low-end devices. According to him, this strategy will help the company to focus only a handful of cell-phones.

Google, a top-rated Search Engine and a parent to Motorola Mobility (after buying it at $12.5 billion), initially didn’t comment on this notion but later outlined these first turn-around steps of the company. Google has also downsized forty per cent of the management of Motorola.

The Company having ninety-four offices worldwide has also planned to shrink operations in the Asian zone as well.

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