Job Worries Causes Depression In Consumer Confidence In India

In India, for the first-time, the consumer confidence declined in nine-quarters after a downfall in the employment sentiment as well as the downcast spending behaviour. The report has been published on Tuesday in the index of the newest edition of Neilson Global Consumer-confidence.

While releasing this report, the region President of Neilson India mentioned that this drop happens to be an indication of the increasing anxiousness of today’s customers in terms of job prospects as well as the spending habits.

The drop marked the index four points below its former score 119 in the first-quarter of 2012, in this country. In the list of the most-confident countries, India happens to be at the second position.

Mathur also mentioned that the fall is justly significant and the sentiments no longer happen to be the same as before as the rising fuel prices and inflation are hitting the wallets directly. He also mentioned that there lies a correlation between consumer confidence and GDP.


JIT Mukherjii
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