Jessica Simpson engagement with Eric Johnson

News of Jessica Simpson Engaged Is Now Confirmed

Her fans are happy to know news of Jessica Simpson engaged in finally true. This is going to be the second marriage of the star. This time, Jessica is getting married to an alleged singer and a former NFL player Eric Johnson. Eric was a mediocre player but now has become the prince charming to Jessica Simpson.

Jessica and Eric started dating in the month of May and they got introduced to each other through some common friends. After they started dating Eric and Jessica have been becoming cozy and closer in the USA and also beyond. The couple has been seen together in many places together during the past few months.

When asked about the news of Jessica Simpson engaged, she confirmed in the positive and said that it is very difficult for her at this moment to get a better man than Eric. She said Eric is very a supportive man and she is very happy about the relationship. Eric left his MBA at the prestigious Wharton Business School so that he can stay close to Jessica in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Jessica’s former husband Nick Lachey also got engaged to another aspiring actress named Vanessa Minnillo. Viewers are hoping that this time also MTV will make an exclusive coverage of the wedding and also about their life thereafter.

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  1. I hope Hollywood won’t turn this guy into a loser like it did to Nick. Is this his 2nd or 3rd marriage? Whoever thought those two (Nick and Jessica) would ever get divorced? Fame is a home-wrecker and I hope the newly engaged will decide their future marriage is more important than looking good in tabloid material.

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