Vitamin D Can Have Bad Effect On Teens

The latest medical researches and observations have shown that excessive vitamin D intake might increase the cholesterol level among the obese children. Researches also have indicated that the vitamin D supplements have very limited benefits over the obese teens and it could bring some unintended consequences over them.

Seema Kumar, who is a pediatric endocrinologist at Children’s clinic in Mayo have supported these reports. For the past ten years, she has been studying on the merits and demerits of vitamin D on the children and recently her first journal got published online. According to her reports, the supplements of vitamin D have enough content to increase the cholesterol level among the children. She supported her report by several observations and test on the children and found no benefit. One of the clinic specialists said that one of the five children in America are overweight and more D vitamin supplements would increase the cholesterol level.

Although Mrs. Kumar did not said that the vitamin D supplements have any adverse effect but neither has any benefits. So for the time being it is better to avoid taking vitamin D in large amount. And she also advised the medical representatives not to prescribe vitamin D supplements in a heap. Although the observations and tests made by the Mayo clinic were attributed to a limited number of children and any final statement cannot be given on the basis of such short term inspection. It needs a long term, controlled examination to find whether vitamin D has any long term effect on the teens and children.   


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