90% Of The Failure Suicides Lead A Happier Life Afterwards

Suicide is something that scares people and just the thought of it can affect people in an extreme way. In a study that was carried out last decade, it was found that 90% of the people who commit suicide and survive go on to lead their lives in a happier, healthier and prosperous way.

A research made by University of California in 1978 stated that all the people who were stopped from committing suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge, died by other means 25 years later, while almost 94% of them were still alive.

When an individual suicides, his family members are not the only ones to suffer, but the entire society as well. We never know what we have lost. A brilliant mind that could lead by example is simply lost one day. Every individual is important and provides something or the other to society and every person lost is a loss for the society as a whole.

Talking about the Golden Gate Bridge, it has been a hotspot for suicides. A number of people have tried jumping from there. If you happen to be a witness of this kind of traumatic event, you could well have a disastrous life ahead. Sometimes such things affect people a lot. Even if they are just random people witnessing a suicide, it can have bad effects on their mental condition. I know of a witness who saw such an accident and said that it was very difficult to look at that bridge again.

Witnessing a suicide can be one of the most painful things that could ever happen to anyone.

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