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Heathrow Airport Will Screen Passengers For Ebola

The UK International airport has taken up strict steps to prevent people infected with Ebola from entering the nation. In September almost 1,000 people from the affected countries of West Africa had arrived in the country, and thus, to prevent the spread of this infection the authorities have taken up measures, which includes the screening of passengers most carefully.

The symptoms of this infection are high fever, diarrhoea, bleeding, headache, and vomiting, and this particular infection is known to spend if one comes in close contact with the infected person. Thus, the government of UK have started screening passengers carefully, right from the airport. The screening is not only limited with the people coming from West Africa, for there are no direct flight to Heathrow from places like, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone which means each of these passengers are needed to take a connecting flight. Thus, all the passengers have to take a medical test before leaving the airport.

The screening of passengers has been limited to Terminal 1 and it is to extend to Terminal 2 by this Wednesday. And whosoever is detected with Ebola is directly taken to the hospital with complete precautions. If the reports are positive then the patient is kept in an isolation unit for treatment, at the Royal Free Hospital in London. There is no cure or vaccination known for the cure of this infection, and this is one reason why West Africa has lost 4,000 people infected with this infection. Thus, the UK government has taken such strict measures to protect its people against this deadly infection. The passengers travelling to UK has to undergo a temperature check, and also have to give out a detailed record of their travel, which confirms whether they did come in contact with any Ebola infected person or not.

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