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Virgin Mobile Launches $20/Month 1GB Plan At Walmart Stores

As the modern devices like iPads and netbooks are gaining in popularity, data carriers are becoming active to push up the sales of their MiFi devices. MiFi devices look smaller in size and they can turn the 3G connection of a carrier into a WiFi connection which can be applied to the devices.

To remain in the competition, Virgin mobile has announced their plans to launch a $20 per month 1 GB data plan which will be exclusive to the MiFi devices to be sold at the Walmart stores. The package will also be applicable for the devices to be sold through

The package is considered to be quite affordable one as 1GB is quite a good amount of data for an average computer user. This plan from Virgin mobile can very well be compared with the plans for Apple Ipad + 3G on AT&T. The latter is considered to be quite sufficient by most of the users.

The willing buyers can get the plan from the website of Virgin mobile with a credit card or one of the top up cards of the mobile service provider. Virgin mobile authorities have claimed that the users availing the plan will be able to surf with a speed of 600 to 1400 Kbps.

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