Was FDA Sleeping? Harmful Painkillers Withdrawn From The Market

The US Food and Drug administration has issued a notification on Friday that two popular painkillers, Darvon and Darvocet and their generic counterparts be withdrawn from the market. These products have been used for more than half a century after their introduction and pain management experts are of the view that these products can be easily replaced in the market.

banned painkillerThe generic name of Darvon is propoxyphene and research over the years show that regular intake of the drug may lead to heart rhythm abnormalities. The drug was first approved by the drug authorities in the year 1957.

Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group raised a voice against the FDA authorities and has demanded a Congressional hearing on why the agency took so long to initiate any action. By this time, the drug must have done harm to millions of Americans.

Realizing the emergency of the situation, doctors have been asked by FDA to stop prescribing the drug with immediate effect. But if required, they can take alternate painkillers as required by the situation.

The drug was used by around 10 million people in the year 2009 and due to health concern the drug was withdrawn by the Great Britain and European Union authorities in the year 2009. The dug will cause heart ailment even in those patients who are normal and healthy. Pain relief can never be more important than heart risk, say the experts. It was unusual that why the FDA authorities took so much of time to ban such a harmful drug. The question that is being raised is was the FDA authorities sleeping during this time?

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