Shahrukh Too Happy With Priyanka Chopra To Ignore His Wife

Rumor mill is grinding out gossips in Bollywood and it pretty difficult to shift the truth from imagination. This time it is linkup between Priyanka Chopra and her co-star Shahrukh Khan in Don2.

Both the stars are going about their work with a straight face causal look unaffected by the talk of the town. Shah Rukh Khan is trying to subdue the talks and has even gone to praise Priyanka Chopra’s work in her forthcoming film with Shahid Kapoor.

The tension in the Khan household still remains because of the alleged affair between the co-stars is pulsating. Wife Gauri Khan body language speaks of distaste for this kind of comradeship. She is keen that the association between her husband and Priyanka ends here and now. On the other hand Priyanka is accusing actress Neelam for creating false publicity in this respect in the tinsel town. She has praised Khan as one of the best costars she has worked with so far.

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