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Typhoon Hits Philippines, Kills 10, Many Evacuated

A disastrous typhoon named Rammasun hit the capital and churned around Philippines making the death toll to 10 and more than 370,000 evacuating the place. Financial markets, schools, offices have remained shut throughout in response to such a calamity.

The eye of Typhoon Rammasun, the strongest one to hit the country this year moved towards south of Manila after sweeping past the main island of Luzon, felling trees and cutting power lines. Instances of electrocution too have been reported along with widespread blackouts. People following Philippines storm news are saying that this is the biggest storm ever.

The major roads across Luzon were obstructed by the fallen trees, electricity poles and huge debris. Such was the intensity of the raging storm that it uprooted trees in the capital where palm trees lining major arteries were bent over more than double as it sped past through them.

Reacting to the Philippines storm news, the chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross, Richard Gordon said that there was minimal damage in the capital, but their staff were trying all their might to rescue people trapped by fallen debris in and around Batangas City and to the south, where two people have been electrocuted .Although there was no report of major flooding in Metro Manila with him since the typhoon did not bring heavy rainfalls but blew strong winds only.

According to the reports obtained, at least four south eastern provinces on Luzon is supposed to declare a state of calamity allowing the local governments to tap relief funds.

Administration, on hearing about Philippines storm news took some measures like Philippine Stock exchange and Philippine Dealing System remained shut and reports of cancellation of almost 200 domestic and international flights have been obtained. A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200, too was not spared by the fuming storm that created a hole on its left wing when it gusted across the aircraft and pushed it nearly five meters across the tarmac at Manila airport, hitting equipment placed nearby.

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