Tom Cruise Planning ‘Mission Impossible 5’

The Hollywood movie lovers and specially the fans of  Tom Cruise will be happy to know that  this gentleman at 50 is planning to go for making of the next sequel of Mission Impossible, i.e. “Mission: Impossible 5”.

He played a key role in the production of the spy franchise, and promised the fans that he will continue making the sequel of Mission Impossible till the time the audience enjoy watching and appreciating the same.

Tom cruise even commented that when he released the first movie on Mission Impossible he hoped to make a long sequel for it. The great response which he received from the very first film of Mission Impossible made his mind set ready for the planning the next movies on it.

He also mentioned that he preferred to travel a lot to find the prime location for shooting the sequences of the Mission Impossible. So let’s wait and watch out the coming sequel Mission: Impossible 5.

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