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Life On Earth To Wipe Away After 1 billion Year?

life on earthThe sensational news on the life of human existence to be in danger after 1 billion years of their long stay in earth seems to have grasped the attention of the readers. Scientists have confirmed that the climatic changes and the imbalances in the natures-human paradigm has created this rift and eventually threatened the life of the potential and prospective life on earth. Due to the sun’s heat there will be larger evaporation and reactions which simultaneously would reduce the rainwater and more of carbon dioxide.

It has been miraculously claimed that animal and plant life away even turn to be extinct with the loss of carbon dioxide required for sustenance, it may take a billion of years to wash off the existence gradually and it will create an after effect on the human lives. This will simultaneously reduce the photosynthesis that is a reaction of sunlight with the plants which gives them ultimately strength to survive and the vicious cycle of herbivorous animals dying out will have an negative effect on the carnivorous thus the balance of human life with nature may have an crippling effect.


JIT Mukherjii
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