Include Almonds, Oats, Fish, Tomatoes In Diet After 40

As per medical experts working on diabetes, recently revel the fact that if an individual suffering  from diabetes can include almonds, oats, fish and tomatoes in the regular diet in sufficient amount then chances are there  that a rapid reduction in the possibility of enhancemen Guided Meditation Program t of diabetes will be noticed.

Apart from this it also works for reducing the risk and chances of heart diseases too. The risk of both diseases mentioned are at peak after 40 years of age so patients need to be very careful. The lifestyle need to be improved to a great extent besides adding those food materials in the regular diet.

Experts believe that if we can stock up the mentioned food stuff well in advance then on a definite note we will be in a position to ward of the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Inclusion of 3g oat is sufficient enough to reduce cholesterol in body. Tomatoes works as an anti oxidant named lycopene which works to prohibit the spread of cancer cells. So it’s time now to welcome almonds, oats, fish and Tomatoes to stay fit for a better life to lead.


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JIT Mukherjii
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