Don Is Back In Don2

Don2 has finally been released in 41 countries and the maker of the film Farhan Akhtar is depending much on the superhero Shahrukh Khan for it’s success. People coming out of the theatre are saying that this Don is a much better production than the previous Don, which was only a remake of the original Don by Big B.

The picture Don2 is full of action and thrill and if you are interested in seeing hot chases and expensive cars blowing up, this one is the ideal movie for you. There are some scenes which may not match with the world of reality, but that is not strange in the world of cinema. People never say that we want realistic scenes, but what we want to see is a perfect blend of entertainment. One can say with guarantee that Don 2 is full of that.

The superhero will jailbreak and the scenes of the movie will shift to Switzerland. The emotional scenes in the movie is not much as Don does not believe much in emotions with his fiancée played by another Bollywood heartthrob Priyanka Chopra.

But in Don 2, you are expected to see a new Don. A person who controls the international drug market and he does not have any henchmen and no line of cars and no organized gang to kill people. He has got a small team comprising of Sameer (played by Kunal Kapoor) who is an young hacker and he has also got vice president of Berlin bank who has been blackmailed into the game. Don also has got a arm candy played by none than Lara Dutta.

Shahrukh has been splendid on the screen and his personality, looks and presence has definitely towered over the others. In other words, Don is really back in Don 2.

JIT Mukherjii
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